Wrangler is owned by Kontoor Brands and licensed and distributed by True Alliance for the Australian and New Zealand markets. At Wrangler Australia, we are committed to Kontoor’s Global Compliance Principles which dictate the ethical standards that we abide by and we expect from our approved manufacturing partners and fabric mills.

E T H I C A L L Y  C E R T I F I E D  S U P P L I E R S


We are committed to working exclusively with suppliers who meet best practices in caring for workers’ wellbeing, health and safety. We pride ourselves on strong supplier relationships that are built on trust and shared values regarding human rights, ethical practices, health and safety, transparency and environmental requirements.

Every supplier is regularly audited by a Kontoor Brands Factory Compliance Auditor or an accredited third party auditor to ensure compliance with the Global Compliance Principles is maintained throughout the lifetime of the partnership.

Our intention is always to build a long-term relationship with suppliers, and we work closely with them to ensure they achieve compliance and become (or continue) as a key supply partner for Wrangler Australia.