24th August 2019


Mini Skirt is made up of four pretty nice guys that live in the Northern Rivers pretending that we’re tough so we can be in a band.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

Mini Skirt is made up of four pretty nice guys that live in the Northern Rivers pretending that we’re tough so we can be in a band.

You’ve recently been on tour with Skegss, how’s that been? You must have some funny stories.. any that you can share?

The Skegss tour was super fun. We were incredibly lucky to play on some stages that we will most probably never play on again. There was a lot of laughing throughout the tour, especially due to high levels of delirium and sleep deprivation.

I somehow managed to lock myself out of our second story apartment twice in one night and Cam found me knocking on the glass balcony door at 4 in the morning. I still don’t know why or how this happened../p>

What’s next for Mini Skirt?

We’re going to get stuck into some recording. If we can get our shit together we’ll hopefully have an album out by the end of the year. Exciting stuff!

We assume there’s some kind of story around your name, where did it come from?

Sadly there’s actually not much of a story to our band name. We were going to call ourselves The Kick-On’s, but then we realised that none of us are very good at staying up past midnight. I think Mini Skirt came from a song that we liked by a band called You Beauty.

What’s a day like in the life of Mini Skirt right now?

We all work kind of full time, so there’s not that much exciting stuff to report. It’s nice being home from tour though, we kinda live in the best place ever, so I think we do get a bit homesick when we’re a way playing shows for a long time.


How would you describe your sound?


What do you love most about creating and playing music?

Getting to hang out with good mates and have a shared feeling that you’re doing something with purpose and intent. It’s also a good excuse to drink lots of beers and yell at people (in a nice way).

Who are your main inspirations/musical influences?

Eddy Current Suppression Ring is a pretty huge influence as well as all the good early Australian punk stuff like The Saints, X, Radio Birdman, all the classic UK/US post-punk stuff. Newer Australian bands like Royal Headache, Peep Tempel, UV Race. Also all of the great bands that we are lucky enough to be friends with like Amyl and The Sniffers, Pist Idiots, Dumb Punts, Liquid Face.

What’s your creative process? Does it change?

I’m always writing words. Then when we get together we kind of piece it all in, Cam will have a riff or whatever and then we build the song from there. I just try and fit my words in wherever they feel right. It doesn’t really change much.


In your song ‘dying majority’ you touch on some important issues. What’s the underlying message or statement that you guys are trying to get across?

It’s pretty self-explanatory really, I try to do that on purpose, not get caught up in metaphor or wishy-washy lyrics when I’m writing. I just try and tell it as clearly and honestly as I can. If you listen to the song and miss the message, there’s not much saving you.

Any Aussie bands/artists we should be putting on our radar?

There’s so many good Aussie bands. There seems to be a new great band popping onto the radar every week. Some of my favourite local bands at the moment are Ascott Stabber, 2 Stroke, Civic, Perve Endings, Floodlights, Shady Nasty, 100, Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents, C.O.F.F.I.N, Pinch Points, Arse, Stiff Richards, Tony Dork, the list is seriously endless…

And one last tip for our readers..

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