15TH AUGUST 2019


Since their 2018 inception, the four-piece have released three 60’s-inspired singles from Velvet Trip & The Six Moon Skies; ‘Take Control’, ‘Hurricane’

In a world where musical authenticity is frequently undervalued and sporadically discovered, coming across a group like Velvet Trip can be something of a faith confirming experience for those with an appreciation for the psychedelic-blues of yesteryear.

Since their 2018 inception, the four-piece have released three 60’s-inspired singles from Velvet Trip & The Six Moon Skies; ‘Take Control’, ‘Hurricane’, and ‘All My Life I Was 12 Ft Tall And I Told My Tales Just The Same’. Add the sunkissed funk of ‘Voodoo Cosmic Girl’, along with powerful closing tracks ‘Six Moon Skies’ and ‘The Man From The Blue Sun’, and you have one hell of a debut.


Tell us who Velvet Trip are, what you do, how it all started!?

Zeppelin: Helloooo. We are a 4 piece psychedelic blues band from Sydney. It kind of started at a party Nick and I were both coincidentally at.

We met for the first time that night and ended up having a big jam whilst some people got their butts tattooed next to us haha.

I convinced Clay to come and have a jam with Sinj (whom I saw shredded some strange free jazz set in a backyard in Newtown somewhere) but later realised I had actually forgotten to tell either one that each other would be there. We recorded an album the next month.

Where did the name Velvet Trip come from? Sounds like it would’ve been fun!

Nick: We booked a gig at Oxford Arts Factory and didn’t have a name yet, no idea how we came up with it!

Describe yourselves/your sound in 5 words…

Clayton: Fast and furious Tokyo Drift

You’ve just dropped your debut EP, congrats! Tell us what’s coming up for Velvet Trip…

Zeppelin: Thank you so much!!

Well, we are currently touring the EP. I’m heading to Europe in August to have some time off and write the full length LP!!


Tell us what we can expect from your live shows?

Nick: A journey through a fairy bread forest with dark twists and turns and liquorice snakes.

What’s the ultimate creative process for your song writing?

Clayton: Just jamming together at our home in my bedroom. I think that’s the best way to do it. And Spinach kebabs.

What’s been your biggest influences and inspiration for your music and style?

Zeppelin: Oh boy, I don’t know where to start. Hendrix and Jonny Winter, that’s probably a good place.

We all come from different backgrounds though. Nick used to dress up in a suit and play classical guitar, Clay plays heaps of Jazz and funk... and Sinj used to play in Short Stack lol. Legit. But, he rips.


Dream gig venue/festival to play at?

Nick: I’ve always wanted to headline the Enmore. Watching Nick Caves Glastonbury performance gets me very hyped.

How do you stay inspired? Does it come and go?

Clayton: We all are busy with other projects, so it never feels stale. We have a fresh mind set when we get to come back together and play. We also have heaps of inspiring friends around us that we get to watch on the regular.

If you could be a part of any other band past or present who would it be?

Zeppelin: Goat

Clayton: Neil Young

Nick: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

What is something/somewhere new that you’ve discovered recently?

Shuggie Otis! We didn’t realise that he played all the instruments on his record - it blew our minds! The groove and tightness of those tracks are incredible.


Fave music hang outs?

Our house! We’ve got clays bedroom set up as a charging jam room and upstairs we have a great record collection

Favourite Wrangler Item?

Zep: Lou Bells

Nick: The new Icons 124 MJ Denim Jacket

Clay: Brown corduroy jacket

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