20th September 2019


Iconic denim sustainably made; Your favourite indigo denim just got greener.

Weaving together long standing practices, fresh research and cutting edge technology, we’ve been busy rolling out a new foam-dyeing system, one that’ll significantly trim energy usage and almost completely do away with chemical waste water used during the dyeing process. We call it IndigoodTM and believe it’ll mark the beginning of a revolution in sustainable denim production.

It’s no secret that a lot goes into producing the classic rich indigo denim we all know and love. The dyeing process in particular requires vast water and energy resources. Traditionally yarn must be dipped multiple times in extensive vats of water and dye in order to reach just the right level of colour saturation. It’s one of the more wasteful steps in denim production and, in line with our commitments to become sustainable leaders in the textile industry, we’ve been working hard to innovate.


IndigoodTM foam-dyeing almost entirely removes water from the equation. The new tech functions without the nasty reduction chemicals, instead transferring dye to yarn with a foaming agent in an airtight environment sealed by a nitrogen hood. Not only does foam-dyeing cut out the need for massive quantities of water, thanks to the overall efficiency of the process, we’re boasting 60% less energy and chemical waste creation.


Now, after years of investment in research at Texas Tech University and production deals with early adopting mills, we’re thrilled to announce that the first of our foam-dyed IndigoodTM denim is ready for wearing here in Australia.


The colours are rich and vibrant – after all, going green shouldn’t be at the expense of style. Our six piece Icons collection is the first made using the IndigoodTM foam-dye process and includes a mens and womens jean, jacket and shirt. In addition to the use of eco-recycled cotton and recycled plastic patches it marks a milestone step towards a more sustainable future in fashion.

It’s iconic denim, sustainably made.

Check out the 6 piece collection here.


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