Monday August 27 2018


Emily Labowe from Poppy Undies

Describe your life in 3 words

Being able to live without fear- fear of failure, fear of loss...

Poppy undies came about because…

My mom taught me how to embroider a couple years ago over the holidays and I fell in love with it. I thought underwear would be a cool way to show my work. It’s intimate and personal.

emily labowe from poppy undies wearing wrangler australia patti boilersuit

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 I’ve discovered I’m best at stitching….

I think I’m best at chain stitch veggies !

The first pair I sold were to….

My friend for her birthday! But I didn’t sell them to her, they were a gift. They were high waisted turquoise undies with the Taurus horoscope sign in purple.

emily labowe poppy undies

How do you keep coming up with fresh ideas?

I try to keep a board of my favorite things, from foods I like, to shapes, to scenes in movies, music, quotes, animals etc. ideas just pop in to my head, but I have no real plan for releasing certain ones. I just sort of make what i feel like making at the time. A lot of the pieces I make too are custom pieces for customers, so they come to me with the idea and I draw it out for them. It’s a collaborative way to make a special piece.

What other creative outlets do you dabble in?

I love playing drums and cooking and baking. Also watercoloring and frequenting color-me-mine.

emily labowe wearing wrangle australia patti jean in broken vintage

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How do you create content for the Poppy insta page?

I do a couple shoots a year with friends as production and models. I also take photos on my own (shitty low fi iPhone photos!) or have customers send me pics of their undies.

Best piece of advice for people trying to grow their following?

I honestly don’t know the trick! I’m inept at things like that...

What have you discovered recently?

Sacha baron cohens new show Who is America. Pure genius

Favourite spot within a 2 hour drive of LA?

A secret beach in Malibu

emily labowe wearing wrangler australia

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