Thursday March 28 2019

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Howdy! My names Evan Roberts I’m a welder and furniture maker from Byron Bay.

I grew up in a small country town in rural NSW and finally made the trek north when I was around 22. I started welding and playing around with timber when I was 13-14 and instantly knew that it's what I wanted to do. I’ve been in business for myself for nearly 3 years now, its gets really tough sometimes but it's all worth it at the end of the day!

salt and steel wearing wrangler australia

Evan wears the Every Street Tee

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Friday March 22 2019


Here at Wrangler Australia, we’ve been field testing the notion of freedom for decades. We’ve concluded that the concept of freedom differs depending on who you pose the question to, but the overarching theme always stays true, the ability to do exactly what you want and how you want to do it.

The collection is comprised of pieces that embrace the changing season with ear thy tones and designs inspired by late 70s/early 80s rock including ACDC, the Hoodoo Gurus, Cheetah and the Runaways. With a nostalgic nod to Alberts Music, and the magic that was created within those walls, this collection is a throw back to time spent in recording studios and local dive bars.

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Friday March 22 2019

Hudson Ritchie is a California-based surfer and artist. Hudson likes to keep life simple and fun. He enjoys road trips in his classic 1966 Land Cruiser, surfing all along the coast, and making music with his friends. Hudson’s band is called Country Breakfast. They have one album out and are currently working on putting out their next one.

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Tuesday March 19 2019
Deena Q&A

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Japan born and with an Australian and Taiwanese heritage, I was born mixed and continued mixing it up in life haha. I’m both a musician and a visual artist, but have a passion for a lot of things - mental health awareness, eating, motorcycles, scuba diving, teaching, travelling...

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Monday March 18 2019
Nick Cunningham Q&A

Nick Cunningham is an an independent singer songwriter living in Byron Bay. The last few years he's been pretty busy touring and recording a couple of EP’s (Letters) and (In Between) but at the moment he's spending a lot of time in the studio working on my first album.

Tell us a bit about yourself...

It all started from busking on the streets around town. I met a bunch of legends and some really helpful people who sorta pushed my music along.

But yeah I’m on album time right now so finishing that is my number 1. I don’t really have a team yet who takes care of bookings and that so I’ll look to touring when I feel like the record is close to being done.

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Monday March 18 2019

The next stop for our adventurous souls was Frank’s Wild Years, a record store come vintage inspired bar located in the small coastal town of Thirroul, south of Sydney where it hosts live entertainment weekly, featuring various aussie bands from around Australia and has a Collection of over 10000 second-hand records, cassettes, CDs and books.

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Wednesday March 6 2019



Queen is one of the most eclectic and memorable bands from the 70’s right through to current day. Both their success and impact on music, pop culture and social awareness live on to be a a legendary story.  They were musical innovators and writers and their stage shows were of another level.  

Freddie Mercury was undoubtedly one of the most vocally brilliant singers, with his incomparable range, to ever grace a rock stage. Who isn’t moved to sing along when they hear these anthems right? His talents were transcendent, and he has been an inspiration to many.

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Tuesday March 5 2019


 Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a born and bred country boy who moved to the concrete jungle of Melbourne when I finished school to try and pursue a career in sport, which somehow did a full 180 and became a full time musician. I’m a singer songwriter, dabbling in the world of folk/roots/rock. I’ve spent the past 4 years releasing music and touring Australia whilst working part time in retail, which lead onto opportunities of being played on the radio, supporting artists like The John Butler Trio, Ocean Alley & Tash Sultana both in Australia and overseas.

This year I recently quit my day job and have taken music full time. I’m looking forward to releasing as much music as possible, I’m pretty keen to release my first full length album this year.

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Monday March 4 2019

We sent Dane and his crew along to Laneway Festival in Sydney last month with a bunch of disposable cameras, Wrangler threads & good vibes for a day full of summer festival fun. Here's what went down...

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Friday March 1 2019


Decked in his favourite Stranglers and shades from Childe – the latest Aussie brand on the scene building sunglasses for the rock ‘n’ rollers of today – Cal from Southern River Band hits up his fave spots in WA and talks about what freedom means to him.

Tell us a bit about yourselves…

G’day team! The band started after a man named Bear, no shit, complete with big ol’ stainless steel rings that spell out Bear across his left hand, propositioned us one afternoon at the Thornlie Tavern and subsequently booked us a gig there. From there, we honed our ‘craft’ wowing the locals, blow-ins, piss wrecks and skimpies every second Friday night until it was time to head towards the big city. A day in the life is essentially struggling with the sunlight for a couple of hours before inevitably tapping out and spending the day writing hit and/or miss singles, in between striving for universal domination and feeding the magpies. Shaping up to be a biggun this year, our sophomore album ‘Rumor and Innuendo’ is coming out and we’ve got a whole lotta shows to play around the Country!

Southern River Band Wrangler Australia

Cal wears the Garageland Shirt Summer Bloom & Childe shades - Secret

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Wrangler X FBS exchange

The Wrangler X fallen BROKEN street exchange party took place last Saturday from 11:11 as a pre Splendour shindig at one of the last great country pubs - the Billinudgel Hotel.

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