Friday March 17 2017


Get to know the legends from Ocean Alley & hear about what's on the cards for them...

You guys have been getting around a bit lately! Where was the place you most enjoyed travelling through recently?

Tom - “I’d probably say New Zealand aye. The place is stunning, epic landscapes and while you

drive you get to meet people who love music and are probably more crazy than we are….in a good
Nic - “Yeah I don’t know, New Zealand obviously but I also really like Holland, the Dutch people
there are some of the nicest I’v met. I also liked the glaciers in the French alps.”
Baden - “New Zealand is pretty up there……”

What’s the best and worst part of being on tour?

Baden - “Worst? Farts on the bus”
Nic - “Hangovers”
Baden - “Farts on the bus while hungover”
Tom - “Best part is when you get full venues and free beers”

You just released a new single 'Overgrown', can you tell us a bit about it?
Baden - “We spent a long weekend away recently trying to write new music but we ended up
pissing around the whole time, luckily in the last couple of hours of the last day we managed to pull
overgrown out of our ass. It was all recorded at The Grove studios on the Central Coast a week
after we jammed it for the first time, that kind of happens a lot with us.”
Nic - “Just f**ken listen to it you turds”

Does this mean you’ve got a new album on the way? What can we expect from your new songs?
Tom - “We’re writing music at the moment but we can’t say much more than that.”
Nic- “It should be out later this year.”
Baden - “Sick one dude…”

What genres are tickling your fancy at the moment?
Nic - “Low-fi, I’m really digging Connan Mockasin at the moment”
Baden - “Blues, psych rock”
Tom - “Probably Psych rock, lotta that going around our house at the moment, also Soul Disco”
Baden - “We play pool and listen to soul disco on Wednesday nights.”

If we bumped into you on a morning after a gig what would you look like? What’s your recovery
process after a big show?
Tom - “A pack of dusty, haggard looking dudes wearing last nights jeans probably without a shirt,
shoes or undies. I think a little part of me dies after every show, there is no recovery.”

What is it your favourite item of clothing right now?
Baden - “‘My hat and always my hat.”
Tom - “Undies.”
Nic - “My Denim Jacket”

What are your thoughts on double denim?
Tom - “What do you mean? I love it!”
Baden - “Sickening but trendy”
Nic - “Function and style… well maybe not so much function but oh so much style”

Flares or skinny jeans?
Nic - “Flaaaares!”
Tom - “Yeah flares”
Baden - “Flares”

What are you looking forward to most this year?
Tom - “Playing festivals, we’ve got Groovin The Moo Maitland coming up soon.”
Baden - “Releasing new music”
Tom - “Ditching Nic”
Nic - “Oy!”

You can catch Ocean Alley at The Hills Are Alive festival southeast of Melbourne on Saturday 25th of March and they’re supporting Tash Sultana in Sydney and Melbourne throughout April- find out more here.

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