Elevate Your Look: Wrangler Bootcut Jeans for Women

Bootcut jeans from our Classics range are a quintessential addition to the Australian women's wardrobe, seamlessly blending iconic heritage with contemporary needs. Celebrating Wrangler's rich history, these jeans embody timeless style and modern versatility. 

The bootcut jean, with its mid-rise silhouette and traditional Wrangler whiskey stitch adorned with navy highlight stitching, encapsulates the essence of Western heritage. Enhanced by metal hardware and crafted from BCI cotton, these jeans are not only stylish but also sustainably made with water saving technology. Incorporating a leather back patch and mid-rise fit, these bootcut jeans strike a balance between classic comfort and on-trend denim.

Their adaptability to various occasions, from casual outings to more formal settings, mirrors Wrangler's ability to honour tradition while meeting the needs of the modern-day wearer. Our Bootcut jeans are a timeless, comfortable, and stylish choice, embodying Wrangler's iconic heritage while catering to the contemporary Australian woman's wardrobe demands.