5th October 2022

Celebrating 75 Years with BLESSED

We spent the day with BLESSED at a Sydney based recording studio as he prepares for the launch of his upcoming EP. Discover more about the rapper below.

75 Years of Wrangler - Blessed

Western Sydney rapper BLESSED has had a very exciting and long career ascent. From producing The Kid LAROI’s EP ‘14 With A Dream’, to introducing his own artistry through his artist name Miracle before transitioning to the moniker BLESSED, he has captivated listeners intensely, which has led him to the release of his debut album ‘AUSSIE BLACKSTAR’. This eleven track record is a culmination of everything that makes him the rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer he is now. Launching this record at the Sydney Opera House for VIVID, he brought these songs and collaborations to the stage where he was able to express the stories even more candidly.

75 Years of Wrangler - Blessed

1. Your debut album ‘AUSSIE BLACKSTAR’ is a soulful and honest body of work. When you listen back to the record from start to finish, what emotions overtake you?
Gratitude. Gratitude for how it all came together, gratitude for my growth as an artist but, more importantly, as a man. I am grateful to be able to share my gift with the world.

2. What song on the album took the longest to get it to where it is now sonically?
NO CHANGES was the longest progress production wise but it was also the most fulfilling to orchestrate. It involved 3 producers, 2 guitarists and a violin player.

3. Can you tell us a fun fact behind the creative process of ‘NO CHANGES’ that people might not know?
The background vocals in the chorus are sung by Matt Corby.

4. What does the album’s title ‘AUSSIE BLACKSTAR’ mean to you?
The title represents my experience growing up black in Australia, as well as my influence over the music culture here across the last decade.

75 Years of Wrangler - Blessed

5. You recently performed at the Sydney Opera House for VIVID. What was one of the biggest things you learnt through pulling that show together about who you want to be as a performer and an artist?
I spent a lot of time on stage speaking directly to the crowd about self love, self belief, spirituality and the power of the people. I walked away with a new found confidence in speaking my truth.

6. Sydney Opera House is truly a bucket list venue to headline. So what are some other venues in the world you would love to headline one day?
To be honest, I don't care where I perform, as long as it's in front of people that love my music.

7. What is your go-to winter wardrobe styling for a night out?
I'm in trench coat season this year.

9. You’ve just shared with us a day in the life of video diary. But what was something you didn’t allow us to see from that day?
That I take lots of naps.

75 Years of Wrangler - Blessed

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