20th September 2022

Celebrating 75 Years with Sloan Peterson

We sat down with Sloan Peterson to chat all things touring, recording and her top styling tips.

Sloan Peterson makes dreamy alt-pop music. The type that is driven by a guitar and keys, and interweaves some echoing melodies that won’t leave your head for hours. Opening a new chapter in 2020 with the release of the anthemic ‘Nightmare’, the Brisbane born singer-songwriter offered a new perspective of her artistry. Since then she’s released the Gwen Stefani inspired ‘Moon & Back’, the vulnerably honest ‘Parasite’, and the indie-rock layered ‘Wear My Heart Out’, as well as toured with the likes of Meg Mac and Dope Lemon.

1. You were recently on the road with Meg Mac for some big theatre shows. What was one of your favourite moments from this tour? Meg is incredible, and we played in the most beautiful venues to great crowds, so I felt so lucky! My favourite thing on the tour was overcoming the challenges of my resistance to wanting to play as a duo. It’s so easy to hide behind my band and feel confident with my performance, but as a duo I had to embrace the rawness and be completely vulnerable. So my favourite thing was being so proud of myself for getting on stage every night and bringing my all!

2. When you’re on the road are you the sort of person who packs everything in case you change your mind on the day, or do you travel lightly? Gahh, usually I pack a bit, but on the road I have so many instruments and other things to lug around I have to be minimalistic about my fashion haha

Wrangler 75 years Sloan Peterson

3. ‘Parasite’ is a song that is all about a toxic relationship. A lot of people struggle speaking up about these particular situations, so was it freeing being able to create a sassy little anthem for anyone who may have needed to find the words?
I was going through a really rough break up at the time so to be honest, I struggled with releasing that song so much due to its contents. But if someone else related to it, could sing along to something that resonated, then that would make me happy and feel worth it to release songs that once again show my vulnerability and personal life.

4. What is a fun fact of the creative process of ‘Nightmare’ that people might not know?
The brass sections before each chorus was inspired by this song...

Wrangler 75 years Sloan Peterson

5. What is a nightmare you’ve had recently that you’ve woken up and gone, “why”?
I can’t remember my last nightmare, but the hostel we stayed at on Saturday night in Brisbane after the Meg Mac show was a bloody nightmare. I didn't sleep a single wink… nor did the trillion french guys who were "residing" there literally talking outside all night and chain smoking!

6. You’ve been working on a lot of new music, so where is this next chapter for Sloan Peterson going to head in sonically and aesthetically?
Yeah, I've been writing a lot the last couple years and finally have an EP together that I'm super proud of. I'm bringing my band back for as many gigs I can, and investing more time into collaborations. Especially while feeling so isolated the last couple of years it’s been nice to work with some of my favourite people. Pearl Herbert, my best friend but also featuring on my next single, also my producer Budo who also plays guitar with me.

Wrangler 75 years Sloan Peterson

7. What is your go-to winter wardrobe styling for a night out?
Hmm thin stockings, knee high boots, skirt, with a black long sleeve shirt, and a puffer jacket.. Sometimes a beret.. although lately I haven't been feeling it as much with my short hair. It’s a love hate relationship.

8. Why are jeans the best?
Jeans are the best because I feel like I can do anything… crouch, high kicks, running, dancing, all the fun things. You're not cool if you don't wear jeans.

Wrangler 75 years Sloan Peterson

9. You’ve just shared with us a day in the life video diary. But what was something you didn’t allow us to see from that day?
My EP release plans, I can't wait to share them with you all very soon!!!

Wrangler 75 years Sloan Peterson

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