10th August 2020

Q&A with Great Gable

Introducing Great Gable, a Perth band combining a wide range of influences to bring a subtle twist on the alternative-indie sound.

Great Gable (Alex Whiteman, Matt Preen, Callum Guy & Chris Bye) are a Perth band originally from the South West of WA, combining a wide range of influences to bring a subtle twist on the alternative-indie sound.
The band have had a massive 12 months with appearances at Groovin The Moo, SOTA Fest, Falls Festival and Outfield Festival (NZ) in between selling out multiple headline shows across Australia and New Zealand. They consistently deliver huge live performances with Xpress Magazine calling them “One of WA’s premier upcoming bands; their music is simple yet layered so cleverly that it punches you in the throat whilst still holding your hand.” 
They have supported the likes of Jungle Giants, Thelma Plum, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Ocean Alley which saw another rave review stating, “If you haven’t heard of them before, reprioritise your day because with the quality of their music it’s only a matter of time until they’ll be selling out their own gigs at venues as iconic as Metropolis.”

Ok, straight up how would you guys describe Great Gable in 5 words?

ALEX: Your friendly neighbourhood boy band.

How did it all begin for Great Gable? Tell us the story….

CAL: Yeah so Al and Preeny met playing cricket against each other and then started jamming together down in Bunbury. They had a few mates playing drums and bass for them when they were starting out. Then I met Al at uni and we became good friends and I asked if I could play drums for them because I thought he had a sick voice.
Around the time we knew Brando who joined in on bass and we gigged and recorded together as that outfit for 2 years, released the GG and Modern Interactions EP's. Super fun times. Then through mutual differences Brando left the band. I had started playing with Chris through WAAPA and got him into the band and then we have been all best mates and jamming ever since. 

Who/what have been the biggest influences on your music?

CAL: Radiohead
MATT: Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Beatles, Matt Corby
ALEX: Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra
CHRIS: The school of hard knocks, something I like to call life 

Sounds like 2019 was a very exciting and busy year for you guys with a load of live shows- how are you guys coping now in, 2020 with all that’s going on? How are you keeping busy/what have been the biggest changes for you?

MATT: 2019 was pretty busy in the scheme of our careers but this year was definitely meant to be busier with touring. We wouldn’t have had much time to write new music this year so since COVID hit we’ve basically spent all our free time doing that. It’s been good because now we have heaps of material for the next album. Perth is in a good position with the whole COVID thing so after a small stint in isolation, everything seems to be almost back to normal. We’re lucky. 

What’s in the works for you guys at the moment? Give us something to look forward to please!

CHRIS: We’ve been focusing on writing the next album. We actually just got home from a 6-day writing trip at our favourite place in the South West. It’s a pretty special spot so we’ve been renting it out for writing trips half a dozen times over the last 3 years to demo songs. 

Creative process… talk us through it!

ALEX: It seems to change pretty often. We occasionally come up with chords and melodies on our own but we love writing together [as a band] and it definitely brings out the best in us.

Most memorable live show moment?

CAL: Definitely our first Wellington show at Meow in NZ. The vibe was nuts the whole show and the appreciation we received at the end of the show was truly special. We have awesome fans in New Zealand and can’t wait to get back over there. 

Most memorable back stage moment?

MATT: Most memorable back stage moment would have to be getting kicked out of our green room by Queens of the Stone Age after a sold out show in Sydney. You wouldn’t want to pick a fight with Josh Homme, he’s a big lad! And he was wearing his stomping boots. Seemed like a nice lad though!

Fun fact about each of you?

CAL: Played piano before drums
MATT: Is the main chef when the band is on tour*
AL: Has a cat called Clunkers and three chickens called Curry Puff, Coconut & Chick Pea 
CHRIS: *Is actually the main chef when on tour

Who else should we be listening to right now?

- ‘Mangy Love’ by Cass McCombs 
- ‘Sunlight’ by Spacey Jane
- ‘Picture You Staring’ by Tops

Fave live music venue?

ALEX: We truckin’ love The Zoo in Brissy

Fave Wrangler jeans fit?

MATT: Sid Chopped Redemption Black are my fave 

Their new album ’Tracing Faces' is out now find out more here:

’Tracing Faces'

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