4th February 2020

Q&A with Brianna Falcone

Introducing Brianna Falcone, softening hearts through song. We chat all things music, fashion, freedom & discovery with this talented beauty.

As we understand you are greatly inspired by artists from the 60s and 70s, who are some of your standouts & why?

Joni Mitchell is my forever favourite. Her unapologetic authenticity. The natural power that emanates from her even - and especially - in her sweetness and femininity. I deeply admire her relationship to the muse and her ability to move with what inspires her. Despite what the industry may have been asking her to be. She is a vision of true artistry in my eyes.

You grew up in Colorado amongst nature. How has this influenced your singing and song writing?

Such a lovely question. I think so much of life, especially childhood, influences us in ways we may never fully understand. I’m sure it’s one of the reasons that nature shows up as a theme in my music so often. And why natural sounds and live instrumentations feel like home.


You have such a delicate and honest style of artistry. How do you keep yourself inspired in LA?

Finding a community of like-minded artists has been the biggest blessing. Friends and co-creators who hold me to my highest, see me fully, and inspire me deeply with their commitment to honesty in their lives and work. Getting into nature often and taking time each day to connect with myself, my intentions, and my truth are incredibly grounding and re-centering in this city of so much noise.

Do you feel your taste in music heavily influences your fashion sense?

I love this idea. I think in fashion, just like in music, I naturally gravitate toward warm colours and tones, uniqueness, pieces that feel authentic in their origin and to me personally. Both draw from similar eras as well.


What have you learnt in the world of making music?

That authenticity is all that matters. At the end of the day it won’t matter who worked on your project or how many hours were spent or what studio you recorded in, just that it’s true. I think that all people ultimately want musically these days is something that feels true.


With your EP, ‘Lady of the Lake’, what led to the song choices and theme for this?

Listening back I can feel into the thematic resonance of finding one’s self through travel. And learning to leave behind what is no longer of service so as to find the places people and situations that make your heart feel at home.

What does the word freedom mean to you? I think freedom is not so much dependent on a situation but more so a state of mind. If you depend on an external situation to make you feel free than you are at the mercy of the world at all times. To me, freedom lies in realizing when you have choice and using that power. And realizing when you don’t, and finding acceptance. There’s a beautiful quote that goes something like “to accept something doesn’t mean you have to like it, it simply means you are no longer a victim of it. To accept something means you are free”.


What makes someone a free spirit?

I believe a free spirit to be someone who questions “the way”, unencumbered by the expectations of society. A purposeful participant in the creation of one’s own outlook, experience, and life.

When you look at the sky what do you see?

The sky is one of my absolute favourite sights. I remember being in the car with someone I used to drive with a lot and commenting on the sunset. They asked me why I always talked about the sky and I replied “Because it’s always there, but it’s never the same. Not once”. Magic lives there for sure.


What makes you feel alive?

Love. Flowers. Music flowing to me or through me. Nature. Travel. Feeling deeply into the feeling of silence. Creating.

What’s something new you’ve discovered recently?

The healing power of feeling feelings fully.


If you could explore anywhere in the world right now, where would that be?

Bali or Spain. Always leaning towards places with walkability and the divine mixture of nature, history, art, and amazing food.


What have you got in the pipeline for 2020, what can we look out for?

I just got back into the studio to record a new project for the first time in a long time. It’s some of my favourite work to date. 2020 it will be making its way to your ears and hearts.


Would you share your fave playlist with us?

Gladly! Check it out here.


Find out more about Brianna and follow her on her journey here. 

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