16th January 2020


Geowulf, originally formed in Australia’s coastal town Noosa, the Dream pop duo Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin have a charming melodic sound that have found them a fan base in both Australia and Europe, which is where they currently reside.


Congratulations on the release of your second LP My Resignation in October. Following on from your debut studio album Great Big Blue, there was definitely a different theme flowing through this, a more reflective tone one would say. What was your main stimulus behind this album?

Thank you! Feels good to have it out in the world. My Resignation was a lot more reflective in a lot of ways and probably a lot more grown up. I started to feel more empowered as a songwriter and as an adult/woman too so I think that started to come across in the music. Toma and I were more intentional with this album and I suppose in the lyrics I wanted to tell stories that maybe everyone could relate to.


Does the title My Resignation have a link to a newfound sense of freedom? Please elaborate if so…

Yeah definitely. My Resignation was almost a love letter to myself. To leave old shit behind and make space for new things. Resigning from old ways so to speak.

Your sound is very unique, how did this particular style come about?

I think as all bands start - you’re influenced from some of your favourite artists. As time goes on you start to lean into your own thing and that feels great. Start referencing even your own music at times. We liked quite melancholy music and music that made you feel things. That’s what we aim for a lot.


You collab’d with Justin Parker for the single ‘I See Red’, who has worked with Lana Del Rey. Tell us what this experience was like? Yeah I’ve worked with Justin quite a lot! He’s such a legend. We seemed to be on the same page with a lot of things which was great. It’s fun writing with new people because it helps you break out of the same mould you might usually use.

Do you find your creative process varies from song to song or do you have a certain method each time you create? Does one of you usually write the lyrics and the other the melody or is this a collaborative venture?

It’s definitely a bit of both. But I (Star) do most the lyrics, melodies and begin a lot of the ideas and Toma creates the music, arrangement and helps finish things. I think in this we seem to have a good system down-pact. It’s fun to shake things up though.


If you could go on a road trip with any artist, dead or living, who would it be?

Nancy Sinatra, Beatles and maybe the Stones? Haha aiming high.


How do you feel living in Europe has impacted you both as musicians and people?

Lots of opportunities in London and Europe. I feel personally it was definitely a move I needed to make to get outside of what I thought was normal for my life. So many people doing different things and so many people from everywhere - it keeps me constantly inspired and wanting to do more and more.


Who’s a contemporary band you’ve been listening to?

Loving Michael Kiwanukas new album. Also Weyes Blood.



What was your first album purchased? (Vinyl or CD)

Hahaha I think it was Delta Goodrem


The most pressing question! When can we see you guys next in Aus?

February! We can’t wait.

Find out more about Geowulf and their upcoming Oz visit here.

9th February // The Landsdowne Sydney 13th February // The Outpost Brisbane 14th February // Solbar Sunshine Coast 15th February // Workers Club Melbourne. Tickets here.



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