26th September 2019


Earth Bottles CEO and Founder, Danni Carr, runs her green enterprise with one goal in mind: ridding the world of single use plastic and replacing them with sustainable, reusable and stylish, items.

Tell us a bit about who you are and how this all started, can you give us an overview of what Earth Bottles are about?

Earth Bottles started as a merch idea for my hubby Ash. We had been travelling in Indonesia and were stunned by the amount of water bottles on the beach and in the water ways. We wanted to do something about it so EB was born from there. It's all about the connection. Absolutely, I think people are so much more aware and are doing their best to make changes.


Describe yourself in 5 words…

It's all about the connection.

Have you noticed a change in culture in recent years when it comes to single use items, how so?

Absolutely, I think people are so much more aware and are doing their best to make changes.

Describe any other positive action projects you’ve worked on/working with?

We are 7 clean ups in to our Clean The Coast tour with Ash Grunwald (hubby) and Fair Food Forager. We work with different clean up groups where Ash is touring and hold beach cleans and collect data for local councils on waste issues in that particular area. It has been so rewarding.

How crucial is it to have a good pair of jeans in your wardrobe?

Everyone has got to have a great pair of jeans. We travel a lot so jeans and a good tee is a great go to for us.

Why is it important that the textiles industry improve their production processes?

Unfortunately the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, from crops for fibres, to manufacturing and has impacts on many levels including air, water and soil pollution.


Do you think people are becoming more aware of what goes into making their clothing?

I think as people are more educated on the environmental issues within the fashion industry the general public will hopefully make more of a conscious choice with what they purchase.


What should we be doing to improve the situation?

The entire system of fashion needs to be addressed on many levels just like all manufacturing. With a push for sustainable fashion I think labels have an opportunity and responsibility to educate consumers on their choices.

Favourite Indigood item? Why?

I LOVE the Indigood denim jacket!! It is super comfy, looks great and I know that Wrangler are committed to using 100% less water and using 30% recycled cotton is awesome!

Shop Earth Bottles or find out more about them here.

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