3rd February 2022


It's out of this world.

How many of us pin our hopes on the stars? How many of us look to the sky for guidance on life, love and everything in between? For many, our star sign is a symbol of pride, connection and expression. So, what better way to explain why you are the way you are than our dreamy tee collection featuring electrifying disco/funk music duo Wigz in our unique hand drawn graphics for each of the twelve-star signs.

Rendered in vivid bright colours and printed on our best-selling baby tee fit this collection is made to be paired back with our signature vintage denim styles to achieve the ultimate 90’s fit.

Some say your zodiac reading is a blueprint to your journey on this earth. Wear your star sign on your sleeve with your personalized Zodiac tee, available for a limited time so grab yours before they're out of orbit.


Look to the stars and get to know the girl duo behind @wiigzmusic 

Introducing this Brisbane-based duo rocking our socks off at the moment, and the stars of our new Wrangler Zodiac collection! Front-women Hannah Brydon and Zoë Hilditch made waves last year with their addictive single 'Red Hot Pants' (inspired by Zoe's purchase of some "fiery red" vintage trousers ), which no-doubt will have all listeners strutting down the hallway in their own fave pants. We caught up with them to find out more about how they came together, the music they're bringing to the world, and how true their star signs ring for them.

How did WIIGZ come to be?
WIIGZ is pretty much the collaboration between two best friends who love creating together. We had subconsciously been building this project from the moment we met at film school. One night we were hanging out in Zoë’s bedroom getting ready to go out. While she was laying on her carpet she looked under her bed and found two wigs glowing (we high-key think it was the music lords planting an opportunity, so we grabbed it the wigs and put them on). At first it was just a fun theme we had going, where we would wear them in public and tell everyone we are WIIGZ without knowing when we were actually going to start actively making music. Over the next three years, everything just evolved gradually and fell into the right place at the right time. We both have backgrounds in film, graphic design, fashion, art and music which have all been such huge factors to our project WIIGZ.

What’s the idea behind the name WIIGZ?
Before the music, we used to dress up together, play into our alter egos… catwalk… dance… all for the fun of it. I guess the name WIIGZ is kind of a metaphor for embracing our inner child and performing. Not taking things too seriously but also very seriously. There’s two of us in the WIIGZ so we thought having two II’s would be more fitting and Z just felt cool (also in case we decide we don’t like wigs anymore hahaha).

How would you describe your music to someone new to it?
Need a song to dance on a red hot sweaty dance floor? Got it.
Need a soundtrack for a sexy spy movie? Ka-Ching!
Need a song to remind you how much of a boss bitch you are? Got it.

What’s each of your favourites of your songs?
Our next single, ‘Bitch Shit’, which we are releasing soooo soon!

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened at a show?
We played this Brisbane festival where we were driven around in a tour bus and one of the locations was a lawn bowls venue. We performed in the direct afternoon sunlight (dramatically overheating and sweating) to a bunch of lawn bowlers who were completely uninterested and probably had no idea why we were even there.

Dream collab?
Let us quickly set the scene… dream session with the music industry avengers: Roisin Murphy on the top-line/backing vocals, Timbaland on the beat, Mark Ronson on the prod, Lady Gaga for songwriting, M.I.A. for her bars, and Erykah Badu for the spiritual guidance and vibes.

If you could star in a remake of a film featuring an iconic duo, who would you two be?
Definitely Romy and Michele! Have you seen their outfits in that movie? Iconic.

Tell us about your style on stage and off?
On stage we dress for our alter egos: GNJA and ZOBOT! We love to paint our faces in layers of eye shadow, blush and highlighter; the sparkly the better!! Our outfits vary all the time but we love a chunky boot and cool statement piece! For everyday wear we both like to experiment with different styles and aesthetics so it is always in flux.

So, you’re the stars of Wrangler’s Zodiac collection. What are your star signs?
Zoë: I’ve been Pisces ♓️ my whole life but for some reason this year I feel extremely Aries ♈ (I was born on the overlapping days - 20th of March).
Hannah: I’m also a Pisces ♓️

What elements of each of your star signs ring true?
Zoë: (mix of Pisces/Aries) I’m passionate, independent, always have multiple projects on my mind, creative, emotional and determined.
Hannah: Daydreamer, sensitive, creative and devoted to friends!

What elements don’t?
Zoë: I’m not very short tempered
Hannah: I don’t feel like an old soul, or very wise haha

What do you enjoy about astrology?
Zoë: There is so much to learn.
Hannah: It can help validate the way I’m feeling.

What was the best part about the Zodiac shoot day?
Getting a sneak peak of the designs for each sign! Plus the lil puppy on set.

Fun fact about each of you?
Zoë: My Australian accent is fake and I’m full blown Scottish.
Hannah: I am always the first one to get burnt at the beach.

Who is the…
...Most party party of you two?

You need us both to start the party! :-)

...Most annoying one?
Both of us.

...Funniest one?

Loudest one?

Most stylish one?
We take turns and inspire each other.

Cleverest one?
It’s a hive mind, baby!

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